Online Slots Math - Understanding The Numbers Can Help You Choose The Best Slot Games

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Understanding the Maths Surrounding Slot Games

find out moreThere are a whole host of factors that slot players can take into account when they are selecting a slot game to play online. Many players often choose to play slots on which they have had some recent large winning sessions, or could be attracted to a slot purely based on the theme of that slot or possibly the bonus games attached to one individual slot game.

However, with many slot players becoming much more educated in regards to the way these types of gaming machines have been designed, and by getting a much better understanding of the mathematics surrounding the way they have been structured and designed, even a novice slot player can make a much more informed decision on which slot to play.

With this in mind I have put together a range of informative articles and slot playing guides that will help you select the perfect online slot game to play. These articles cover several different topics, which are based on several different aspects of each slot mentioned in them which have an effect on your overall winning chances.

Note: This article is based on MicroGaming slots - however the same logic applies to the full range of slot software makers.

While MicroGaming slots are not currently available at US friendly casinos, there are still a lot of excellent games that are. I recommend the Bovada Casino (part of the Bodog family), where you will find slots from RealTime Gaming, Rival Gaming and BetSoft side-by-side. Bovada also have some really cool player promos, check out for yourself!

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Should you enjoy playing slot games online at casinos powered by Microgaming software, then these articles and slot playing guides are going to introduce you to a range of slots that have been designed to payout more than other slots, award their jackpots regularly and also trigger their respective bonus games more frequently.

We have also got a section dedicated to alerting you to the worst online slot games, by worst I mean those that have the lowest payout percentages or have been designed in such a way you are least likely to win a jackpot when playing them or slots that rarely trigger their bonus feature rounds!

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Return to Player Payout Percentages

One of the most confusing aspects of playing online slot games for many players is in regards to Payouts Percentages and Slot Game RTP's. Each slot game you will come across online will have been designed to return to players a proportion of the stakes wagered upon that game.  Knowing what these figures are enables you to spot a slot which is going to give you higher winning payouts over the long term.

We have also put together guides that will show you how easy it is to work out your actual payout percentages of any slot session you play online, and this will enable you to keep quite detailed playing logs of just how well or how bad you are doing!

Bonus Game Feature Rounds

Whether you like playing slots that can award you with sets of free spins, pick to win bonus games or even the popular spin the wheel type of bonus features, one article that we feel will be of interest to you is my How Frequently are Slot Game Bonus Rounds Triggered slot playing guide.

In it we list several Microgaming slot games and take a look at how many Scatter or Bonus symbols are on each reel, and then work out what the actual chances are of you being awarded the bonus games offered on each of those slots.

You will be surprised at how many spins on average are actually required between bonus games being triggered. However, once you do find this information out, you can then play the slots which should award their respective bonus feature rounds more regularly, if of course bonus games are what excites you the most when playing online slots!

Frequency of Slot Jackpots Being Won

million dollarsYou will never know just when you are going to spin in the jackpot paying combination when playing any slot game, which is why they are so exciting to play. However, much like the way in which bonus games are triggered, once you dissect the reels of any slot machine, and work out how many symbols are found on each reel and how many of those symbols are jackpot symbols, you can then work out your chances of actually winning the jackpot.

To enlighten you on What are the Odds of Winning a Slot Jackpot are, we have a range of slot games found in the gaming suite of Microgaming software powered casinos listed, and have done all of the workings out for you, and as such present to you the odds of you spinning in the jackpot paying combination on all of those slots we have highlighted.

If you have not checked out the huge jackpots at MicroGaming Slots recently, then you are in for a surprise! You'll regularly find the biggest ones at $2,000,000+ and plenty in the $100,000+ range are being won every week. Check out for the latest totals!

Best Paying Online Slot Games

Each slot games found online will have been designed in such a way that players will get a certain percentage of their stakes returned to them as winnings. Each slot will have its own unique RTP which is the Return to Player payout percentage of that respective game.

The best slots to play are obviously those which through their design are set to give you more of your stakes back as payouts, and there are some huge differences in regards to just how much some slot games payback.

You will of course be seeking information on just Which Slots Return More to Players, and to help you in your quest to find the better paying slots we have the top paying slots currently found in all casinos utilizing Microgaming’s suite of slot games.

Slot Games Best Left Alone

Even though slot games are completely random, if you do regularly play them online, then by opting to play only those slots offering you the best paybacks, you are ultimately going to have longer playing sessions. Plus a much better chance of winning than you would by playing slots which have been designed to return less to players via their respective RTP’s.

So to complement the above playing guide which showcases to you the best slots to play we have also compiled a guide of Microgaming’s Worst Paying Slot Games. This guide will enlighten you fully on the slots you should never be tempted to play online, as those listed upon it have the lowest long term expected payout percentages, and as such offer very poor value and low winning opportunities, more so when you play slots online quite regularly!

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