Terminator 2 Slot Review

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Review of MicroGaming's Popular Terminator 2 Video Slot

MicroGaming's Popular Terminator 2 Video SlotThe Terminator 2 slot from MicroGaming is based around the very popular feature film released in 1991 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film features many characters from the film, including The Terminator himself, Sarah Connor, John Connor and the Cyborg sent from the future. The game features wild symbols, random cash prizes and a highly original free spins round.

In this review I examine all aspects of the Terminator 2 slot. I start with a look at the standard rules of the game and which symbols will award you the biggest wins. I then move onto explain the bonus features and how these are enabled. I finish with an overview of this slot, before recommending an award-winning casino where you’ll be able to enjoy the game with some upfront free cash.

Terminator 2 – The Basic Rules

Behind the Terminator storyline and the bold graphics, you’ll find a standard 5 reel slot. Unlike many other slots however, you’ll find 243 win lines here, meaning that if a symbol lands on each reel (in any position) you’ll hit 5 in a row. There are many combinations of 3 and 4 symbols which can line up on any reel from left to right too. Once you see this in action, you'll quickly find it easier to follow than the 25 and 30 win-line games. Each spin will cost you 30x your unit stake for these 243 win lines and you can adjust the number of coins per line.

The top standard symbol in the game is the ‘T2’ one, which pays 1500 coins when hitting 5 – this symbol also acts as a wild symbol.  The next characters in order of winning coin amount are the Terminator, John Connor, The Cyborg (in human form), Sarah Connor and The Cyborg (in Cyborg form!). You’ll also find a heart, diamond, club and a spade playing card symbol.

The final symbol in the game is the ‘Blue Orb’ Scatter symbol, which is worth 3,000 coins if hitting 5, however perhaps more importantly activates the free spins bonus feature if landing 3, 4 or 5 across all the reels.

Terminator 2 slot MicroGaming

Bonus Features

The first bonus feature in the game is the T-800 vision bonus which is randomly activated. When this feature comes into play, you’ll win a prize for hitting every character in the game and the free spins bonus will be activated with just ONE scatter symbol. Graphically, this is very impressive, and really fits in with the theme of the film.

The other and the major bonus feature in the game is the free spins round. This is a particularly good feature as it’s very different from your standard free spins round. When hitting the three or more scatter symbols, the slot will suddenly narrow and then expand vertically and you’ll realise that each reel now has 4 symbols on it – meaning that instead of 243 ways to win, you now have 1,024 ways to win. During this round you’ll also find the human/cyborg acts as a wild symbol, making even more wins possible.

Terminator 2 Slot Overview

This slot is a great looking one and certainly gets you involved. You get the feeling when playing that this is a game that has had a lot of time and money spent on it – the graphics and animations within the game are of very high quality. The background sound to the game is also very effective. The best part of the game however are the free spins – it takes a little time to get used to watching 4 wheels, but you won’t mind when you see the wins start to come in. This is a nice original touch and is certainly a feature that you’ll happily play on for a while in hoping that you hit it.

You'll find Terminator 2 is compatible with phone and tablet devices (including iPhones / iPads). This game is part of the 'Viper' software platform from MicroGaming - which is cutting-edge tech when it comes to device compatibility. 

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