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The Best Bonuses for Online Video Poker Players

Deuces Wild Online LogoThe online casino scene is a very competitive one, with the various sites all aiming to attract customers to their own individual casino. They achieve this by offering bonuses. The biggest and the best of these bonuses are usually reserved for new customers, however some sites will also offer them to existing users, to ensure they remain playing at the casino.

In this article I explain all of the bonus types you’ll find at online casinos. You can then find out exactly how you’ll go about clearing these extra funds. Next some detail, covering how the bonuses relate specifically to Video Poker and one difficulty you can face. I finish with a look at other ways that online casinos will reward video poker players.

If you are looking for a shortcut to see if your casino is Video Poker friendly (many exclude this from bonuses), then my trick is to look at their promotions list. If you see special promotions aimed at VP players, then you'll have a strong clue that you just found a great casino. For US players, Bovada regularly run these promos, and offer up to 4 welcome bonuses for new players too. Check out for details now.

Types of Casino Bonuses for Video Poker Players

New Player Welcome Bonus

These bonuses are only open to new users of a site. Generally they are based upon a percentage of your first deposit and will have an upper limit. For example, you might find a particular site offers a 50% bonus on any deposit up to $300. In some cases sites will offer a full 100% bonus, and this might be referred to as a ‘Match’ bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

These bonuses are offered by a smaller number of sites, where you’ll gain funds at a site by only registering. The sizes of these bonuses are usually much smaller than any other bonuses, and the play-through requirements are high. Forget signing up your entire family and social circle, the casinos are wise to that ploy!

Reload Bonuses

These bonuses are for existing users and work in much the same way as the new player bonuses. In general these bonuses will be smaller than those offered to new sign-ups, however some sites will actually the life time bonus schemes where you’ll always receive the same bonus whether a new customer or a long term customer. Not all online casinos will offer reload bonuses, while others may only offer them at certain times – for example on a particular day of the week, or on a seasonal basis.

Deuces Wild Video Poker

Clearing a Video Poker Bonus and the Play through Requirement

Whenever offered a casino bonus, you’ll have to meet a play-through requirement. This will be a number which represents how many times you’ll have to play through the deposit and the bonus amount at the casino before the bonus funds are able to be withdrawn. For example, you might find a 25% deposit bonus with a 30x play through requirement when funding your account with $100. This means that you’ll have to gamble $3,750 ($125 x 30) at the casino before the bonus funds are cleared.

You’ll find the details of the play through requirement in the ‘terms and conditions’ of the bonus. Always ensure you read these before claiming any bonus, as this is where you’ll find all of the specific details behind the ‘headlines’ you’ll see on the main pages.

Bonus Restrictions for Video Poker

Magnifying GlassThankfully Video Poker is a game with a very small house edge, meaning the return to the player will be higher than many other casino favourites. However, this can cause a problem when it comes to bonuses. Due to the small house edge, sites will normally restrict the amount of video poker stakes that will contribute to bonus clearance. In many cases, you’ll find that only 5% or 10% of your wager at video poker will contribute.

So, for example, if you were to play at a site with a 10% contribution receiving the same bonus in the example above, you’d need to wager $37,500 at Video poker for the bonus funds to be cleared. This seems restrictive, however players who enjoy other casino games alongside Video poker will be in a good position to clear these bonuses.

Casino Promos and Rewards

As well as bonuses, sites will also reward players in other ways. One example employed at many sites is a rewards scheme, where you’ll earn points every time you play. These schemes will normally have different levels, with the rewards increasing as you move through the levels – the level based upon the amount of play at the casino. The points you earn can then be converted into either cash or prizes/merchandise at a site.

Casino sites might also offer incentives for playing at different sections of the site and this can include Video Poker. You might gain free chips, free spins or a bonus cash amount.

Some sites will also offer cash back based on any losing amount. For example, you might find a 20% cash back offer based around your play for a month. If you had a winning month, you’ll not receive any funds. However, if you lost $300 in the month, your casino balance will be reimbursed by $60. This amount may or may not be subject to a play through requirement.

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