Let It Ride - the Complete Guide to Let It Ride Poker Games

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Everything you need to know About Let It Ride Poker on One Page

Complete Guide to Let It Ride Poker GamesLet it Ride is a casino poker variation with a unique twist. Instead of starting with one bet and then adding more if you want to continue with the hand – you’ll have the option to take bets away instead.

If you have a great hand, then you can ‘Let it Ride’, leave 3 bets on the table and get paid on all of them instead. This is an entertaining game with the possibilities of very big wins (especially from the side bets). 

What You'll Find On This Page:

  • Let It Ride Overview
  • How to Play, Step-By-Step + Strategy
  • Side Bets in Let It Ride (Inc Which To Avoid!)
  • Online Let It Ride Guide, Including A Little Known Version With A Progressive Royal Flush Jackpot

Let it Ride Poker – History and Many Names

This game was invented by John Breeding in the US in 1990, and is owned by SHFL Entertainment. It has a patent, which is why so many online casinos that run this game use similar names though not the exact same one. Examples include Let Em Ride, Let Them Ride or MicroGaming’ The Poker Ride.

Poker is the basis, with the idea to make the best 5 card poker hand. A pair of 10’s or better is needed to get paid, and players have the opportunity to remove bets from the game if their hand is poor. The casino house edge in this game is relatively low, clocking in at just over2% if the players make the best possible moves.

You will also find side-bets with Let It Ride, these have a much higher house edge, though to balance this they add the excitement of the potential for a big payout. Live games can be found at casinos across the world, and generally have a $5 (or equivalent currency) minimum. Online the stakes are much lower, typically you can find this game with a $1 minimum bet. There are games which include progressive jackpots online – more on those below.

How to Play Let It Ride Poker

How to Play Let It Ride PokerHere is a typical table layout. Note that there are 3 betting circles here, labeled 1, 2 and $ (or ante), along with the 5 card and 3 card side bets, these are the main bets in this game, and to get dealt in, you will need to put an equal betting unit on each of them.

Each player will then be dealt three cards, and the dealer two cards (live the dealer gets 3 and simply discards the first one unseen). The players then act in turn, either taking back bet number 1 or keeping it in play. The strategy for which choice to make is outlined below.

Next the dealer turns over the first of her cards. The next round then takes place with players either removing their bet number 2 or keeping that one in play. The third and final bet cannot be removed. The dealer then turns the final card, and the payouts are determined based on whether the players hold a pair of 10’s or better.

If yes, then the payouts follow a table like this one:

  • Pair of 10’s+ - Pays at 1-to-1
  • Two Pairs -  Pays at 2-to-1
  • Three of a Kind - Pays at 3-to-1
  • Straight - Pays at 5-to-1
  • Flush -  Pays at 8-to-1
  • Full House - Pays at 11-to-1
  • Four of a Kind – Pays at 50-to-1
  • Straight Flush - Pays at 200-to-1
  • Royal Flush - Pays at 1000-to-1

If no, then any bets which have remained in play are removed and the next hand can begin. Side bets are settled separately based on the 3 card or 5 card hand.

Strategy For Let It Ride Poker

Your optimal strategy is outlined below, and is relatively straight forward when compared to other casino poker games.

First Bet (before seeing the dealer’s cards)

  • If you have 10-10+ or 3 cards to a Royal Flush, you leave your bet.
  • If you have less than this, you take back your bet

Second Bet (after you have seen the dealer’s first card)

  • If you have 10-10+, 4 suited cards, 4 consecutive cards (no 2!) or 4 picture cards then leave your bet
  • Otherwise, you remove your bet

There are no more decisions, the 3rd bet can’t be removed and if you do not make a good hand when the dealer turns over the last card then that bet is lost. Considering you have the chance to win based on 3 units (as long as you start with a pair) then this is not too bad a loss.

Typical Let It Ride Side-Bets

Typical Let It Ride Side-BetsHere are the normal side bets. I’m not going to go into the big ‘is it a good bet’ debate here. This is a personal choice, and I would not want to be responsible for anyone missing out on payment for a Royal Flush just because the house will get a few extra cents in long-term value!

You’ll have a choice of the 5 card bonus and the 3 card bonus. These payouts are independent of the main game and have nothing to do with the bets that you let ride or remove.

5-Card Bonus (based on the completed hand of your cards + the dealer cards)

  • Two Pairs - Pays at 6-to-1
  • Three of a Kind - Pays at 9-to-1
  • Straight - Pays at 25-to-1
  • Flush - Pays at 50-to-1
  • Full House – Pays at 75-to-1
  • Four of a Kind - Pays at 100-to-1
  • Straight Flush - Pays at 2000-to-1
  • Royal Flush - Pays at 20000-to-1

3-Card Bonus (based on your own 3 card poker hand only)

  • Pair - Pays 1-to-1
  • Flush -  Pays 3-to-1
  • Straight - Pays 6-to-1
  • Three of a Kind -  Pays 30-to-1
  • Straight Flush - Pays 40-to-1
  • Royal Flush - Pays 50-to-1

Online Versions of Let It Ride

For US Readers: The place to find this game at the offshore casinos is the Bodog-brand casino at Bovada.lv, there is a smooth version of Let it Ride which is named Let’em Ride. This has a progressive jackpot side bet, which you’ll scoop with a Royal Flush (in addition to your 1000-to-1 payout from the main game).

Bovada are way ahead when it comes to US casinos, with top customer service and easy deposit options. They also have one of the best Let it Ride (or should I say ‘em) anywhere online. See for yourself now at www.bovada.lv

For Worldwide Readers: You’ll have some excellent choices, with all of the big software houses offering this game. If you would like the chance of a big progressive jackpot win, MicroGaming casinos - and specifically the 32 Red Casino is the place to be.

This game is called Ride ‘Em Poker, and is the same game without the patented name and logo. You can play from just $1 and have the chance to win a huge progressive. If you are not familiar with MicroGaming or their linked progressives, then you’ll be surprised how big these get (and how quickly they grow).

32 Red are an amazing casino, and are London Listed for that extra peace of mind. You can get £32 in bonus money for every £20 you deposit, and enjoy a Let It Ride game which works on just about any computing or mobile device you own.

Check out 32 Red for yourself here.

I’m a big fan of Let It Ride, though of course this is not the only casino poker variation in town. Here are some more articles here at High Tech Gambling you might like to check out.