Android Phone Gambling Guide

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The Ultimate Guide To Gambling On Your Android Phone

Android Phone GamblingThe world’s most popular smartphone software naturally has the biggest range of options when it comes to gambling. This comes with its own set of problems – which are the best providers of sports betting, casino and poker games, and which are the also-rans?

This page gives you an overview of what is available, based on my experience testing different gambling sites across many different devices. You’ll find links here to plenty more detailed guides covering individual games and sub-topics.

First up I have outlined the 3 main gambling verticals, which are sports betting, casino and poker. After that some important notes on gambling for US readers (hint: you can do it!). Next you will find some practical information on whether to choose browser games or go for the full download, security and some words of warning about ‘impossible’ bonuses.

Android Smartphone Gambling Guide – The 3 Main Gambling Verticals

The main gambling verticals are casinos, sports betting and multi-player poker games. There are more than this if you include smartphone bingo, fantasy sports and skill games like backgammon. You’ll find information on those here at High Tech Gambling, however for this page I’ll focus on the ‘big 3’.

Casino Games

Revolution is the word I use to describe how casinos have moved forward in just the last few years. I have been around this business for more than 10 years now and remember those first clunky, slow and crash prone games. Nowadays, you’ll feel like you stepped into some alternate reality!

Casino games and in particular slots work really well with Android phones. They have 3d graphics, cool animations for bonus rounds which play like movies or video games and some HUGE jackpot payouts which are often linked between different casinos. Some providers are slower on the uptake in adapting their games to the smaller screen sizes. Here I focus on those who have made the leap, offering an amazing smartphone experience for Android phone users.

If you are new to the world of Android phone casinos, then I recommend US readers check out the amazing browser games at (part of the Bodog brand!), and for Worldwide readers there is nowhere better to get started than!

Sports Betting

What smartphones have done is to open up different forms of betting to the general public. In-play is the most obvious example, 10 years ago it would have been unthinkable to bet from the stadium itself, and even from in front of the TV would have been difficult. It is not only the ability to bet in-play, savvy punters are now making bets which double-down on winning wagers, or hedge against losses using Android apps.

If you have ever missed a golden bet due to a busy schedule then the other advantage of Android gambling sites will sound familiar to you. There is no reason to miss that wager anymore, as long as you have a couple of minutes and your smartphone available.

Sports betting sites are getting bigger and better all the time, with more sports, more lines and more teasers all creating great opportunities for smart sports betting fans.

Check out my Best Android Betting Sites article for the pick of the best.

Online Poker

Poker is now a ‘mature industry’. While the boom is over, there are still millions of players who enjoy these games online, and a growing fan base using Android phones to access the tables. I’ll start with a word of warning – don’t assume you can beat the same stakes that you can beat live in online poker games nowadays. These games are much tougher when you reach the $100+ buy-ins level than you’d expect – and the tables are populated by ‘grinders’ using tracking software to spot (and exploit) your weaknesses.

As long as you start low and work your way up the levels, online poker is very entertaining. Tournaments are particularly soft, and the new generation of fast-fold poker games is worth checking out too.

Smartphone options are limited for US players, though Carbon Poker have a mobile-optimized version of their games. Worldwide players will find a far wider choice, I recommend 888 as a great place to start, games there are famously soft – and their Android app is awesome!

Android Phone Gambling Guide – US Legal Situation

US Friendly Andorid Phone GamblingLets get one thing straight from the start, there is no Federal law making gambling online illegal for individuals.

There is a lot of confusion on this subject. The law that most people falsely believe makes gambling illegal only covers certain financial transactions between banks and offshore gambling sites. This is why US deposit methods are more difficult than they should be. No individual has ever been convicted for enjoying online gambling for real money.

Practically, the legal situation does mean that options for US gambling fans are restricted. You’ll still find some great options though – including leading sports books (Bovada, BetOnline), and some cutting edge casino software providers in the form of Real Time Gaming and BetSoft.

At the moment New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware all have regulated in-State gambling opportunities. I look forward to bringing you news on progress of legislation into other areas and reviews of their Android apps too!

Android Phone Gambling Guide – Practical Tips

Three things to cover in this section of my Android Smartphone gambling guide… First the app download or in-browser games choice. Second, a few words on security. Third some ‘buyer beware’ notes about the number of bad bonuses around at the moment.

Browser or App?

With better chips inside phones and better software technology, the app vs browser head-to-head gets closer every year. Apps have the advantage of needing less information transfer over the networks (the base graphics and game engine is in the download). Browser games give you more flexibility in terms of trying out different gambling sites without going through the hassle of a full-download.

If you are playing online poker games (worldwide readers), then I recommend apps. Sports bettors do not really need these, you’ll get the odds and functionality via the web. Casinos are where things become more of a personal judgment. You won’t actually get the games with the app download (these come individually to save you having to take 100’s of games you will never play). I like the flexibility of the browser games myself, though you are restricting the number of titles which have been properly optimized for the smaller Android phone screen sizes.

Security / Safety

Phones do have a habit of going missing, and I advise you to take some practical precautions to make sure that losing your phone does not result in your gambling bankroll going missing too. Make sure you log off of all applications between use, and keep a robust password. You should also make sure that you log out of your e-mail, which can be used for password recovery. If your phone does get stolen your mind will likely be on recovering your number and contacts list – a little preventative action upfront might well save your gambling bankroll!

Bonuses Which Never Clear

You’ll be offered a lot of bonuses by Smartphone gambling site operators. This last section is a word of warning that there are some which look better than they really are out there.

I strongly advise you stick with brands who have a 5 year+ track record, solid reputation and fast cash-outs. All of the sites listed on High Tech Gambling meet this criteria (I’ll highlight sites which are new).

Many sites give you strict play-through requirements and only a short time (30 days) to clear your entire bonus. This combination makes it virtually impossible to get the benefit. Combine this with little ‘traps’, for example play one hand of blackjack and your bonus is gone in the small print, and you’ll find that you are not enjoying a 100% matched welcome bonus at all.

Stay vigilant, look for multiple bonuses and incremental payouts – and make sure your play-through rates are not sky high. For more on this important subject see my online slot safety article.

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