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I’d love to hear from you… though only under certain conditions.

This page contains the various different ways to get in touch. If you are a prospective advertiser or webmaster, please keep in mind that after many years in this industry my ‘mark as spam’ fingers are quick to click. If you do mail me, make it personal, valuable and none of that silly black-hat stuff with links or posts etc either!

Contact Details

This site is owned by Mark Holland, and operated by Planet Corporation Kft, here are the different ways to get in touch. 

eMail: (this is my preferred method, I check it once every couple of weeks)

Facebook: Nope... gambling site, got frozen!

Twitter: (meh)

Phone: You’ll need to write to me first for this, I have had bad experiences with posting my phone number online before... once bitten and all that.

Advertisers / Webmasters

Most contacts from Webmasters and prospective advertisers are so badly put together that I simply mark them as spam and move on.

I will mark any and all link-exchange, guest post or paid-article mails as spam immediately. Genuine advertising enquiries have a tiny, almost negligable chance of getting through, though you’ll need a good reason for me even to read the mail and an even better one to get a reply. Sorry if that sounds harsh, after 9 years in the gambling industry I really am tired of all the rubbish that gets sent.

My policy is to promote trusted, well-established brands to my readers – I’ll need to know how your brand fits in with this.