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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

This page contains the site terms of use for High Tech Gambling. By enjoying the content of this site, you are expressly agreeing to these terms – which are linked from the footer of every page. If you do not agree with any aspect of my terms of use, then please leave the site immediately.

This is one of three information pages covering this site, the others are:

Responsible Gambling Policy (this is important, please take the time to read through it)

About Us / Contact US Page

Privacy of Your Data

Magnifying GlassHigh Tech Gambling or parent company Planet Corporation KFT will never share your personal data with 3rd parties. This includes e-mail address and any personally identifiable information concerning page views or use of our site.


Original content is copyrighted, and may not be reused, curated, copied, repurposed or used in any other way without the express written permission of Planet Corporation KFT.

I have audits for stolen content at least once a month and will not hesitate to file DMCA requests to your host or legal action where required. Theft of online content is a crime, and I feel very strongly that thieves should be held to account in this area.

Waiver of Liability

All content at High Tech Gambling is for entertainment purposes only.

I will endeavor to ensure that content is up to date and accurate, though make no representations about the fitness of purpose of any information of any of the information, material, products or services covered here.  By making any use of the information here you are expressly agreeing that High Tech Gambling and Planet Corporation shall not be liable for any losses, whether directly or indirectly incurred.

Disclosure of Payments

High Tech Gambling received financial compensation from gambling site operators when readers going through links on this site or using our bonus / coupon codes become customers of those operations.

Corporate Structure and Governance

Operation of this site is carried out by Planet Corporation KFT, a limited liability company (equivalent of an LLC or Ltd) based in Budapest, Hungary. The brand, code, graphics, content and domains associated with this site are owned separately by Mark Holland.

The official address of the company is:

Planet Corporation KFT

(Update: Please write via e-mail for address info, along with the reason you require this!)

Any questions concerning this company or any of our terms and conditions should be addressed to Mark Holland via support@sngplanet.com

Legality of Online Gambling

The legal status of online gambling is ever-changing and dependent on your country. The material provided at High Tech Gambling is for entertainment purposes only, and makes no assumptions about the legality of online gambling in your jurisdiction. Anyone making use of this information is personally responsible for ensuring that gambling is legal where you are located. By making use of the information on this site you expressly state that you acknowledge that High Tech Gambling, Mark Holland and Planet Corporation provide information for your entertainment only and are not responsible for checking the legality of online gambling in your country.

Advertisers / Webmasters

Most contacts from Webmasters and prospective advertisers are so badly put together that I simply mark them as spam and move on.

I will mark any link-exchange, guest post or paid-article mails as spam immediately. Genuine advertising enquiries have a chance of getting through, though you’ll need a good reason for me to read the mail and an even better one to get a reply.

My policy is to promote trusted, well-established brands to my readers – I’ll need to know how your brand fits in with this.

Feel free to write to support@sngplanet.com if you feel you’d still like to get in touch.