Lava Gold Slots Review

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Jurassic Park Style Graphics with Cluster Pays on this BetSoft Spectacular

Lava Gold Slots BetSoftBetSoft have been at the forefront of innovation for online slots for years. Just when you thought they would not be able to come up with anything brand new – Lava Gold is here to change your mind.

This game has a dinosaur / volcano theme. To the left of the reels, you will see a ‘lava meter’ which has a significant role in the game play.

I loved Lava Gold, and will certainly be back to take it for another spin.

You will immediately notice that the reels are much bigger than normal. There is a 5x5 rectangular grid of symbols. Instead of win-lines, Lava Gold uses cluster pays. You get paid for groups of five or more symbols. Add cascades, free spins with a matching symbol reel and stunning special effects – and you have a slot well worth checking out.

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Lava Gold Slots: Clusters, Cascades, and Matched Symbols

There are twenty-five symbols in play, covering a 5x5 grid. Instead of single big wins, your larger hits will come when you get a series of wins. Prizes are awarded for clusters of matching symbols anywhere on the reels. You need a minimum of five adjoining symbols, with the biggest prizes for twenty-one, or more.

When you get a winning cluster, the winning amount appears over the reels with a ping. The cluster then explodes. Random symbols are chosen from those that remain, filling the gaps. You often get multiple clusters from a single spin. As the number of unique symbols is reduced (they exploded in groups), the replacement symbols come from a smaller pool. This means you end up with a full screen of one type – a series of big wins from a single spin.

Reels and Clusters on Lava Gold

The All-Important Lava Meter

Instead of bonus symbols, you will trigger the main bonus on this game via a meter. This sits to the right of the reels. You will see all the symbols listed, with 10’s (the lowest paying) at the bottom, and the T-Rex (top paying) at the top.

To fill this meter with lava, you need to win with clusters of each symbol in turn. No other section is filled until you get the 10’s, then the jacks and so on. This moves fast to start with. By the time you get to the top, with the pterodactyls and T-Rex, you need to wait longer.

Free Spins with Multipliers on the Lava Gold BetSoft Slots

Free spins are triggered when you get a final cluster of T-Rex symbols on the lava meter. The reels disappear, and you see the volcano behind the reels erupt. The new reels look amazing. They are covered in lava, which peels / sizzles away to reveal the winning symbols.

Your 10 free spins play out differently to the main game. The middle reel is revealed first. This will always contain five matching symbols – guaranteeing a win. If you get matching symbols elsewhere, including the volcano wilds, you can get the big clusters here.

Even better, there is a multiplier that goes up by one every spin. You start off at 1x, with the final free spin at 10x the prize. On the down side, the cascades / replacement symbols system does not happen here.

Pay Table Lava Gold

Winning Symbols on Lava Gold Slots

Even the lower paying playing card symbols have a volcanic look to them. There are playing cards ten through to ace in play. You get paid increasing amounts for 5, 6, 7, 8-9, 10-1, 12-14, 15-19, 20-24 and the top possible cluster of 25 symbols.

Unique symbols start with an alien looking purple and red flower. There is then a dinosaur egg, clawed foot, pterodactyl, and T-Rex. Keep in mind that you can easily get paid multiple times on a single spin.

Wilds are in play. These show a volcano, with the word wild on it. They will help connect bigger clusters – though by exploding with the rest of the symbols they do tend to be short lived.

Volcanoes and Dinos: Lava Gold Slots Design

BetSoft are famous for their amazing designs – and this game is a perfect showcase for their work. In the background, behind a lush jungle, you will see a smoking volcano. The reels are framed in stone, with semi-transparent backgrounds. Dramatic, atmospheric music plays while you spin. If you look closely, you will see dinosaurs fly by behind the reels.

On the right of the reels, the lava-meter shows the next symbol needed by surrounding it in flames. On the reels, symbols are detailed, with the top paying ones having entertaining animations. The cluster sequences move quickly.

Free spins feature amazing graphics. The lava oozes and sizzles, revealing the matching symbols.

Wrapping Up: Will Lava Gold Sizzle for You?

Another smash hit from BetSoft. There are a lot of Dinosaur themed slots, though none have the combination of stunning graphics and unique game play that Lava Gold brings to the table. I loved the sequences of cluster wins, with the number of replacement symbols getting smaller, the chances of covering the reels in one type goes up each time.

As usual it is the free spins where things go crazy. No cascades here, instead you get guaranteed wins with a multiplier that goes all the way to 10x – along with amazing graphics.

I rate this game as a must-play, check it out for yourself today!

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