PokerStars Debuts Casino Games

PokerStars red spade logoPokerStars have been the biggest single online poker site for many years now. Their acquisition of Full Tilt saw them debut casino games through that platform. Now it seems that casino games are on the way to the main PokerStars client.

At the moment this is limited to Blackjack and Roulette, and to their Spanish client. The Spain-only system has been used to debut new innovations before – most noticeably the new Spin N Go ‘lottery’ sit and go games.

Many ‘serious’ poker players scorn casino games due to their house edge (poker can be played profitably by those who have the skills). As the initial offering at Full Tilt has shown, there is definitely an appetite for casino games – and the larger pool of more recreational players at PokerStars will undoubtedly be checking out the games.

The games are unique, and not licensed from any of the major casino software companies like PlayTech or BetSoft. Slots at Full Tilt were licensed, and if PokerStars go down that route, I expect they will also license the big Leander titles, rather than create their own games.

If you are an average poker player, then simply learning the basics of Blackjack strategy will keep the house edge to a minimum in these games. My advice is to steer clear of any Martingale (stake doubling) type systems over on the Roulette tables.

I estimate 2 months before we see these games on the main client, as long as everything goes well in Spain. PokerStars are well known for offering bonuses to their existing players to incentivize them to check out new games.

3 Welcome Bonuses Trick:

Many people are not aware that you can legitimately claim up to 3 ‘first’ deposit bonuses at PokerStars. Here is what to do:

  • First register an account, choose ‘Affiliate Marketing Code’ from the drop-down, and put PSP3108 into the new box which appears.
  • Next head to the cashier, choose your deposit option, and use bonus code STARS600 for those first 3 deposits. You’ll have 90 days and a maximum combined amount of $600.

Make sure you are ready for when the casino games hit the client, head to now!