Best Poker Game Type to Clear Bonuses

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Which Poker Variation Will Get You a Bonus Quickest

Best Poker Game Type to Clear BonusesAll online poker sites offer bonuses for new players, though some of them are a lot easier to get into your account than others. Each of these bonuses requires you to collect points by playing real money games. Once you reach a certain number of points, your bonus is yours to withdraw.

Many players wonder which is the best poker format for clearing their bonus quickly and with the minimum of risk? You can do this using tournaments, cash games, sit n goes or fast fold poker games (and sometimes other variations too). Each format has its own pros and cons.

This article goes through the different types of poker – showing you the reasons to choose each for the purposes of clearing your poker bonus

Best Games to Clear Poker Bonuses

Poker Bonuses and Tournament Play

A big advantage to tournaments is that your costs are fixed at the start, so you know how much you are spending. If you hit the final table you can win big, though this will be rare – even for good players. While you get a lot of poker for your money in this format (and usually the easiest games), it is hard to get bonuses cleared in tournament games. The hours spent playing compared to the small fees / contribution to your points total mean that the number of tournaments you need to play will be way too big.

Instead, look for a bonus which includes entry to free tournaments and boost your bankroll that way!

Poker Bonuses and Cash Games

Playing for real money instead of tournament chips is usually the fastest way to clear your poker bonus. Each pot has a ‘rake’ (fee) which means you’ll be contributing to your points requirements all the time you play. The disadvantage of these games is that you often find a lot of small stakes ‘pro grinders’ at the tables, who will usually have an edge over new players – meaning you’ll need to get lucky to win while you build your skills and experience.

If you are a good player, then cash games are the way to go to clear bonuses quickly. If you are new you should stick to the lower buy-ins to start with at least.

Poker Bonuses and Sit N Goes

Best Games to Clear Poker Bonuses1 table tournaments have been a favorite for building up a bankroll for many years. Many players use these games to improve their skills, build up a bankroll – and then transition into cash games or tournaments. The fact that these games are easy to multi-table, they are fast, and that your outlay is fixed at the start all contribute to making them a solid choice for clearing a bonus.

If you enjoy the format, there are plenty of variations from lottery sit n goes through to 180 player ‘mini tournaments’ to consider.

Poker Bonuses and Fast-Fold Poker Games

Fast Fold games have the advantage of getting a lot of hands in every hour. You will need to focus, since the action is relentless! By staying tight, playing pots in position and playing cautiously when an opponent gets aggressive on later streets, you can keep out of trouble in these games and even win small amounts. The speed means you’ll clear that poker bonus very quickly too.

Conclusion – Best Poker Variation for Clearing Your Bonus?

Sit N Goes and Fast Fold poker games are my two picks. These have the advantage of a straight forward basic strategy and the ability to play a high enough volume of hands / games to collect enough points.

In addition to the game that you choose, how many pros are at your site compared to recreational / amateur players makes a huge difference. You can find out more on this important topic in this article, which looks at the softest poker sites.

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