Common Poker Mistakes - How Simple Leaks Can Affect Your Profits

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Fix These Leaks Today And Increase Your Winrate

royal flushAll of us have leaks in our game somewhere. The sooner you identify them the sooner you can work at plugging these leaks that are costing you money. This article will go over some of the most common poker leaks. I will be surprised if you can honestly say nothing on this list applies to you. Honesty is key here, identifying and working on leaks will improve your game – pretending you don’t have any won’t.

Common Poker Leaks – Calling Too Much

Calling too much is by far the most common poker leak, in fact it’s such a big leak that it can be broken down into two sections.

First of all calling too much at the beginning of the hand. A lot of players will call with a lot of trash hands pre-flop when really they know they should be folding or possibly even be re-raising. This is a trait of a really weak player. Your hand is not the only thing you need to consider here either. Your position and opponents are both determining factors in whether you should play a hand or not and calling too much at times when you are in a bad position or up against tough opponents is a leak. Folding more of these hands will save you way more money in the long run than any pots you may rake in with these hands when played.

Second of all is calling too much later in the hand – more specifically the river. Many players will call lots of times on the river ‘knowing they’re beat’ they will oftentimes verbalise that they know they’re beat in an attempt to justify their bad play. We all know the saying – two wrongs don’t make a right and it definitely holds up in this context.

There are many reasons a player calls on the river with a weak holding. Sometimes it is to see if they were right or fear of being shown a bluff. Maybe even just to show that they have been outdrawn. Whatever the reason is, it’s not a good one. The ability to lay down big hands when you know you’re beat is one that needs to be learned quickly and will save you a lot of money when done.

Common Poker Leaks – Tilt

Tilt may not be the most common poker leak but it can certainly be the most detrimental.  Tilt causes you to play badly through anger. Many very good players have gone broke due to tilt numerous times over. Identifying it and erasing it from your game is vital. Tilt is 100% mental and definitely controllable. Many players control tilt in different ways. Sometimes taking a five minute breather after a rough hand is enough, others may need to take the rest of the day off. The most important thing though is to never play tilted – no matter how long it takes to recover back to a normal state.

Common Poker Leaks – Playing Too Tight

Psychology and Gambling LossesEarlier we looked at calling too much. Playing too tight can also be a big leak in poker. You will often here new players being advised to play tight, straightforward poker. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you play too tight then you will make no money. Your opponents will fold everything as they will know you have the nuts. Either that or they will call in the early stages of the hand to outdraw you and you will lose a huge pot with your obvious monster.

Common Poker Leaks – Quitting At The Wrong Time

Another big poker leak that is often overlooked is quitting at the wrong time. New players often want to quit when they’re up in an effort to ‘book a winning session’. This may seem fine but you must ask yourself why you are wining. If you’re playing well and the game is good the last thing you should be thinking about is leaving. Whereas if you’re playing poorly and the game is not-so-good, standing up is the only thing you should be doing. Clearly your results are somewhat irrelevant in determining when you should be quitting a game. There are much more important factors to be considered.

Common Poker Leaks – Not Drawing To The Nuts

I see many players involved in huge pots when they have drawing hands that aren’t drawing to the best hand. The reverse implied odds involved in these type of hands are huge. Basically reverse implied odds factor in how much money you could lose when you make your hand.

Flopping a huge draw and getting it all in is all good and well if you’re drawing to the nuts because you know if you hit your hand you win the pot. However, when you’re not drawing to the nuts you can hit your hand and lose the pot, sometimes lose a bigger pot (if you aren’t all in).

You must proceed with caution with these type of hands and it is oftentimes best to just fold unless you have a very good handle on your opponent’s tendencies and are a proficient hand reader. If not there is too much of a chance that you will lose a huge pot when you make your hand.  

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