Payment Options for US Poker Sites

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Different Ways US Players Can Deposit Onto Poker Sites

US Poker Site Payment OptionsIf you are a US player, getting money onto a poker site is now far easier than it has been. While US players have faced many obstacles since legislation preventing payments was first passed in 2006, many of the existing US friendly sites now have their systems in order and, in many cases, have been operating successfully for a number of years. This is clearly demonstrated in the growth experienced by some rooms, in particular Carbon Poker (Merge Network) and Bovada (formerly Bodog).

If you have had problems getting money online before, or just wish to know what the best methods are for funding your accounts, all is explained here. Before you deposit however, make sure you check out the generous sign-up and reload bonuses offered by the sites and take advantage of them when you deposit.   

Payment Options for US Poker Sites - Credit Cards

If you can use one credit cards are usually the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to deposit online. In order to use your card you must first make it possible to carry out international transactions, something which some cards do not allow you to do by default. This is because the different poker sites are based offshore in order to avoid the US law which prevents online transactions for gambling sites. To do this you just need to send an email or make a quick call to your bank and explain you wish to purchase something from a foreign website. After this future transactions are normally cleared automatically.

Payment Options for US Poker SitesThe card which has the most success has been Visa cards, although players have been able to successfully deposit using MasterCard, Diners Club and Amex cards. The actual process of depositing funds is generally the same as making any other online purchase, just enter your card details and the amount you wish to deposit and the payment is made instantly.

If you have problems getting your card accepted do not worry, this still happens albeit far less often than in previous years, and you can sometimes avoid it by simply entering odd amounts such as $99.95 instead of $100. If this does not work you can always get a 'Pre-paid' card from a local store or online, which you can load with the amount you wish to deposit. This then works like a regular card although it is worth checking with the poker site's customer support as to which ones are most likely to work.

Do not be surprised if it shows up on your statement as a generic company name or something unrelated and there may be a small charge involved, although all good sites clearly state this beforehand.

Payment Options for US Poker Sites - Money Transfers

Money Transfer services, among which Western Union is the most established and popular, will get your funds online for you. In order to do this you will have to carry out a 'Person to Person' transfer to someone working with the site. The information for this needs to be gained from the poker site's customer service team before the transfer can begin.

Once you have this info you can either simply make your way to a local store displaying the Western Union sign, or you can use their online site. By going physically there with cash does provide you with a degree of anonymity as well as guaranteeing the payment goes through, although moving money online using your card or bank account may work going through this third party.

There will be a charge involved with each transaction, and you normally have to wait for a bit before the funds are in your poker account, although this is usually within the hour. Some sites have no also included Western Union as a withdrawal option too.  

Payment Options for US Poker Sites - Bitcoin

Bitcoin Poker Site DepositsAs digital currency becomes more popular poker sites have started to accept Bitcoin for deposits. This can be carried out by simply making a transfer from your wallet to the site's address and the equivalent amount in US dollars will be credited to your account.

While in theory this should work great, as you should be able to transfer your coin on and off the site very quickly with hardly any fees, at present it is not so simple. For a start this method is only used on a handful of sites and is not always available to US players. Then even if you can get your coin on you often have to withdraw using US dollars via the conventional methods, including paying the charges that come with it.

There are some Bitcoin only sites which allow you to deposit, withdraw and play in coin. While this seems an ideal option for US players and there are some decent operators, be aware that very few of these Bitcoin poker sites are licensed by any official body and they do not have to permit their games to be tested for fairness. 

Easiest US Site for Deposits in 2019

Bovada (which is the US-friendly part of the Bodog brand) have the best track-record for both first time deposit acceptance and fast withdrawals. You also get the peace of mind of working with a long running and reputable brand. On top of this, Bovada are the best poker site when it comes to promotions and give-aways, check out their latest offers for yourself over at now.

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