Sit N Go Tournaments

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Online Poker Sit and Go TournamentsCompete Guide to Sit N Go Tournaments at Online Poker Sites

Sit N Go tournaments are commonly referred to as SNGs. They are hugely popular at online poker sites and it’s not difficult to see why this is the case, as they provide a simple and fast way of playing poker online.

These types of tournaments appeal to players of all skill levels and poker bankroll sizes and you can buy into them for as little as $0.25 and sometimes even less depending on the poker site you choose to play at. They can be a great way to get used to playing tournaments and to build up your bankroll, but you will need to make sure you’re adjusting your play through the different phases of the tournament.

Reasons to Choose Sit N Go Tournaments

Unlike cash games, where there is the potential to lose a lot of money after losing a big hand, when you're playing a SNG tournament the most you can lose is the initial buy-in that you paid to register for the tourney. So a lot of players get attracted to playing Sit & Go’s because there is less risk involved in playing them, making it possible to make a slow and steady profit playing SNGs if you are well versed in this form of poker.

Playing SNGs online are seen as a more attractive option to MTTs (multi-table tournaments) for many poker players since they are not scheduled, meaning you can play them at any time. So in this sense they are similar to cash games. There just needs to be enough players for the SNG tournament to fill up. In the case of single-table SNGs, you’re not going to be waiting around for very long for the game to start, making them suitable to play on your smartphone or tablet when you only have a short time to play.

Multi-Table Sit N Go Tournaments

Whilst single-table Sit N Goes always prove to be very popular there are plenty of other larger SNG tourneys you can play for real money and they don’t necessarily take a great deal longer than single-table SNGs to complete. In addition to single table sit and go tournaments which are typically 9-handed, online poker sites commonly offer multi-table SNGs with 2 tables (18 players), 5 tables (45 players), 10 tables (90 players) and 20 table SNGs (180 players). The more tables and the bigger the field size the bigger the prize pool will be, but you also have to consider the fact that you will not cash in the larger-field SNGs as often, so there are pros/cons to both single and multi-table SNG tournaments.

If you’re wanting to know the best online poker sites for SNGs you will be glad to know you are spoiled for choice. With this format being so popular pretty much all the top poker rooms will have a good selection of SNG tourneys to choose from at different stakes. It should go without saying that the more traffic the site has the less time you will need to wait around for the tournament to begin.

Another consideration when it comes to sit and go tournaments is the types of SNGs offered by the site. There are so many variations of SNGs you can play online nowadays from heads-up to 6-max to 9-man to Double or Nothing SNGs. Some tournaments have a regular blind structure but plenty of online poker sites have turbo SNGs that have really fast blind structures so they finish a lot quicker. Typically the top 10-15% of entrants will get paid but it will vary depending on the SNG and poker site you choose.

Multitable Sit and Go Tournaments Online

Here is a selection of the types of Sit N Go you will find online:

So, assuming the poker site you want to play SNGs at has plenty of traffic and offers the types of SNGs you would like to play, then probably the deciding factor of whether you should play games at the site will be the level of competition in the SNGs. Keep in mind that the turbo SNGs have a greater luck to skill ratio as they quickly become shovefests so you will need to get lucky in them. This lends itself to the better players sticking to the regular SNG tourneys which have a normal blind structure.

Best Poker Sites for Sit N Goes

When you’re playing SNGs online at one of the top poker rooms, you can be confident that the SNG tables will fill up very quickly and so you will never have much difficulty getting in amongst the SNG action.

PokerStars would have to be the premier poker site for SNG tournaments but the competition here is definitely tougher than most other online poker sites. The best sites for playing SNGs online i.e. those with the softest competition, would definitely have to include 888 Poker. Plenty of terrible players find their way over to the SNG tables from the casino. It is also hard to look past Party Poker since this room offers a lot of single-table SNGs for players of all skill levels.

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