Super Turbo Poker Guide

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Wild West PokerWhen poker first appeared online many of the games were of a standard length and the average ‘sit and go’ tournament would take around an hour or even longer. This led to the introduction of turbo tournaments which halved the time of these tournaments by halving the time at each blind level. It wasn’t long before the traffic at these turbo games overtook the standard length games, which led to poker sites looking to make the games even quicker. This led to super turbo games being introduced, these games moving up through the blind levels even quicker, making the entire ‘sit and go’ table last no more than around 15 minutes.

In this guide I start by looking at how super turbo poker works and then detail some of the different tournament types you’ll find online. I then move on to look at some of the best games you’ll find online, with a focus on the sites where you’ll be able to enjoy the widest range of games and the most traffic and the sites where you’ll be able to potentially make the biggest profit.

Super Turbo Poker – How it Works

The number of players at a super turbo ‘sit and go’ will vary depending on the site you are playing at with tables generally available of between 2 and 9 players. You’ll normally have a smaller starting stack than you’ll find at other games, many of the games giving the players just 500 chips. The blinds will go up every couple of minutes. The number of players making the cash will depend on the number of entrants – although as a general guide you can assume that 9 players tournaments will pay out the top three players, tournaments of 4, 5 or 6 players will pay out the top two players and tournaments of 3 or less are winner takes all (it would be unusual to find a ‘sit and go’ with 7 or 8 players).

Super Turbo Poker – Types of Game

There are two types of Super Turbo poker online – the standard game and the recently introduced Jackpot variation.

Standard Super Turbo Games – The prize fund in these games are based around the entry fees paid by all of the players. For example, a 6 player tournament with a buy-in of $5 will pay out a total of $30 to the winning players (the actual entry fee might be $5.30 – the $0.30 going to the house).

Jackpot Super Turbo Games – The prize fund for these games is somewhat randomized. The majority of tables will pay out a slightly lower amount than you would normally win, however the payouts can rise to incredible amounts and occasionally if you’re lucky you’ll find yourself with a seat at one of these big money tables.

Best Super Turbo Sites

888 Poker

The traffic at 888 poker doesn’t match up to that of PokerStars but the amount of players visiting the site is on a steady upward curve. This site has an advantage in the fact that the games are somewhat softer, this due possibly to many players visiting the poker site after winning money at the award winning 888 Casino – these players being more likely to gamble by going all-in a little too easily.

You’ll find enough traffic here if you want to play the super turbo games with a smaller buy-in the $5/$10 range – higher stakes games will take longer to fill.

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888 Poker Bonus


When it comes to the range of games available and the highest amount of traffic, you’ll need to go no further than PokerStars. This site offers their ‘hyper turbo’ tournaments over a wide range of stakes at tables featuring both six and nine players. At this site, you’ll have no trouble playing a number of games at any one time, and with the speed of the games, there is no reason why you couldn’t play upwards of 50 hyper turbo tournaments an hour if you so wish.

Pokerstars also have their own variation of Jackpot sit and go’s called ‘Spin & Go’. These are all 3 player tournaments, with buy-ins of $1, $3, $5, $7 and $15. The lowest payouts in these games are double the buy-in, with the maximum payouts being 3,000x the buy-in – for example, the winner of a $5 game will win between $10 and $15,000.

Although the traffic is huge, you’ll find many grinders at this site who will play many tables at any one time, making this perhaps the toughest site to beat – but the rewards are there if you have the game.

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US Players Seeking Super-Turbo Poker Games

If you are US based, then Carbon Poker is the offshore site with the best selection of super-turbo (and hyper-turbo) games, see my Carbon Poker Review for more info.

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