10 Things You Can Bet On That Are Not Sports

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Betting Online is Not Just About Sports – These 10 Quirky Bets Can Make You Big Profits!

Betting on non-Sport EventsOf course the vast majority of money bet will be on sports. Football (soccer) and Horse Racing make up the majority of this in Europe and around the world. In the US the ‘Big 3’ of NFL, MLB and NBA make up the lion’s share of money bet.

Many of you will recognize at least some of the bets below – either through anecdotes or even having placed some of them yourself. All of the best online betting sites offer you non-sporting bets (including US betting sites). These can be entertaining, and bring new life to an otherwise ordinary TV news bulletin.

Where to bet on these different events depends on your location. Unibet.com has a non-sports section  listed under 'more sports', as well as separae polictics and poker sections - this is open to the UK, Europe and much of the world. US bettors can find politics and poker (the World Series) lines under 'futures and props' at www.betonline.ag

10 Things to Bet On Online Which Are Not Sports

#1 – White Christmas

Whether there will be snow on Christmas day is a national obsession for punters in the UK. To win this bet, snow will need to fall onto the roof of the Met Office in London on the 25th of December. You’ll get fairly long odds on this happening for most of the year, though a forecast which even hints at snow for xmas will see those odds tumbling close to the day itself. If you are looking for a profitable edge, then the Met Office provide some hints in this article!

#2 – Politics / Elections

Presidential elections in the US and UK General Elections are big business for the online betting sites. With the polls proving to be way off in recent years, there are opportunities to be had in this field for astute observers. You can bet on the outcome, or if you are feeling more confident you can bet on the margin of victory.

#3 – X-Factor / America’s Got Talent (and others)

I’m using number #3 here to cover all the TV talent shows, which have now made their way around the world. Simon Cowel and his X-factor empire is still the biggest franchise, though the ‘Country + Got Talent’ and many others covering everything from singing to ballroom dancing are hot on the heels of the winner. You can bet on rounds, or the eventual winners.

Betting on Events which are not Sports#4 – Alien’s Being Discovered

Usually for this bet you’ll get a year (within the next 5 years) and how this will be proven (usually via an official NASA announcement). Surprisingly, the discovery of alien life has been a popular bet for decades. The discovery of ‘exoplanets’ recently does not seem to have influenced the odds.

#5 – Christmas Number #1 Song

Charts now include downloads and listens on streaming services – as well as the remaining small component of CD sales. There is still a lot of competition to be number #1 on the charts for xmas each year. This ties in with the TV talent shows, time their season ending releases to try and claim this spot. You can have a bet on the outcome, though depending on your age you might not want to listen to the actual songs.

#6 – The Oscars / Baftas / Emmy’s

The big movie, TV and music award ceremonies all have opportunities to bet included in them. Most of the money goes for the top awards (best actress / actor). There are even some betting sites which allow you to bet on minor music and TV awards.

#7 – Which Premiership Manager Gets Sacked First

Ok, I’ll admit this is at least a little bit sporting – though betting on who will get fired from their job as a premiership boss is not directly related to the action on the field at least. There are many changes in a typical season, making this into a popular bet.

Betting on the World Series of Poker#8 – Poker (World Series)

Poker involves betting itself, though when the pros line up for the biggest tournament of the year – the World Series of Poker Main Event – you’ll have some opportunities to put some money on the line. You can bet early in the tournament, though the size of the field means that even the best players have little chance of winning. Many people prefer waiting until the final table is set before getting their wager on.

FYI, HighTechGamling.com features an entire area of the site dedicated to online poker.

#9 – Big Brother

There are reality type TV shows in many countries, though the Big Brother franchise is still the best known. A version that gets big attention is the Celebrity Big Brother – where minior celebs and those who could use some publicity enter the famous house together. There is also ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’, where minor celebrities are put into a jungle and have to survive performing arduous and often messy tasks.

#10 – Chess, Scrabble and Other Board Games

Chess does not have the publicity of previous generations, when the Russian and American greats would square off. You can still bet on the world champion’s level matches though. Other board games have their highlights, including Scrabble.

Wait, there's more! You can also bet on the Eurovision song contest and even the Nobel peace prize. I'm not sure if anyone runs a book on Time Magazine's 'person of the year'?

Where to Bet Online on Non-Sporting Events?

Having a bet on any of these non-sporting events could see you win real money from the online betting sites. The best place to go for quirky and interesting non-sporting bets is definitely www.unibet.com if you are outside of the USA. This bookie not only know how to look after their regulars with constant bonuses and promotions – they know how to keep people entertained by having a range of quickly bets and props. Check out www.unibet.com for yourself now!

US readers - you'll need to shop around, though for politics and poker, BetOnline are an easy top pick - check the list under 'props and futures' at www.betonline.com now!

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