5 Dimes Sportsbook Review

5 Dimes have been in the industry since 1998

A great variety of deposit methods

reduced juice, reload and cashback rewards, 30% super saver rewards


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5Dimes Sportsbook5 Dimes have been in the industry since 1998 and in the years since have built up a great reputation, rising to become one of the standout sportsbooks in the in the industry. “Over 1000 Wagering Options – Every Day” is the tagline for 5 Dimes and this statement shows the key strength of the site, featuring more betting markets than all of its rival sites. This sportsbook is based and registered in Costa Rica.

Sports Betting Markets at 5 Dimes

5 Dimes offer an incredible amount of markets, and they achieve this in two ways.

Firstly, they’ll offer much more than the standard lines on any of the big league sports. As an example, if placing a point spread wager on a team favored by 3.5 points, you’ll also have the ability to bet on the team with a 3 point spread, a 2.5 point spread and a 4 point spread, as well as many others. You’ll find this range of betting on the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, Major League Baseball and College Football and Basketball.

Secondly, 5 Dimes offers a much broader range of sports betting than other sites. They do this by offering more than just the headline sports. As an example, their tennis betting will feature the ATP tour and the WTA tour, as will many sites, however 5 Dimes will also have a wide range of bets available on the challenge and futures tours as well. They take this approach with many sports, so if there is a “niche” sporting event on somewhere in the world, you’ll be able to bet on it at 5 Dimes.

When in the sportsbook you’ll be able to view both American odds and decimal odds.

Initial Deposit Bonus at 5 Dimes

When signing up at the site you’ll be able to take advantage of a deposit bonus of up to $520. You’ll gain a 50% bonus on any deposit amount of between $100 and $400. Additionally, you’ll gain 20% on the amount above $400 if you deposit up to $2,000.

Every time you wager the initial deposit amount, you’ll make 10% of the bonus available – wager ten times the initial deposit, and the bonus is cleared.

Promotions at 5 Dimes

This site has something of a novel approach to promotions, in that members of the site will be able to customize their own promotions package. There are a variety of options available, and these include reduced juice rewards (this is the default package), reload rewards, cashback rewards, 30% super saver rewards where you’ll find lines at odds of -107, point mover rewards and free payouts. These are all great options, and depending on how you like to bet, you’ll find the perfect package for you in amongst these.

Features of the Site

Live betting is a very popular feature of the site, the site offering the similar great range of bets in a user friendly interface. Sports offered include soccer, baseball, hockey, football, basketball, tennis and many more.

5 Dimes have a stats center where you’ll be able to find a whole host of information about any sports event going on. You’ll be able to look up previews, scores, recaps, injuries and an interactive systems database on many sports. This is a great option, meaning you can do all of your gambling research without ever leaving the site.

5 Dimes Stats Center - 2017 Review

The site itself can come across as a little basic, where you might feel you’re visiting a website designed and implemented in the early days of the web. However, once you overcome this, you’ll realize this actually has its advantages, in that navigation between different parts of the site is extremely quick.

Deposit Options

You’ll find a great variety of deposit methods at this site. The most popular is by a credit card, (available to American and Canadian players only). New users are only allowed to deposit using a Visa Credit Card, although other options will be open to you as an existing member. Another popular deposit method is via a person to person transfer, through either Western Union or similar money transfer services. Unlike many rival sites, 5 Dimes will also accept Sportsbook transfers and Account to Account transfers and perhaps most interesting of all, a Bitcoin deposit. The other deposit options here are via a Vanilla reload and a money order.


You’ll be able to withdraw back to all of the available deposit methods apart from credit cards. Certified checks are an additional withdrawal method you’ll be able to make use of, alongside MoneyPak, Reloadit and receiving prepaid cards. Some withdrawal methods have fees attached – you’ll find all of the information via the Funding Methods link on the home page of the site.

5 Dimes Overview

5 Dimes is approaching two decades in the industry and having become one of the biggest players in this time, there is no indication that this is going to change. This site does everything right – you’ll be able to wager on an amazing range of markets at competitive prices, all backed up by a top level customer service team. The customisable bonuses improve the site even further. 5 Dimes is a highly recommended sportsbook, check out the stats center, reduced juice lines and huge range of bets now at www.5dimes.eu

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