Best Racebook Rebates at US Offshore Betting Sites

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Comparing the Best Rebates for Horse Racing Wagers – The US Racebook Rebate Guide

If you are betting on horseracing from the US without receiving a regular rebate on your losing wagers – then you are missing out.

Just about all of the offshore US Racebooks have a rebate program. You’ll find that there are some big differences in the value offered and the ‘rules and regulations’ attached to each one. Here I look at the biggest and best known offshore betting sites only – and compare their rebates and details of which bets are counted at which tracks.

US Racebook Rebate

Racebook Rebates – Part of the Bigger Picture

It is worth noting that rebates are only a small part of the total rewards you can get from the Racebooks. Some of the welcome deals are covered below, which include a matched deposit offer or a no-lose first bet. In addition to these type of welcome offers, look out for regular promos – especially those that come with additional free bets, enhanced odds or special rebates for different types of wagers. Individually, these do not seem like too big a deal – what you’ll find is that over the months they add up to a significant boost to your bankroll.

Depositing at the offshore sites also needs to be accounted for. This has got a lot easier lately, with Visa and MasterCard (used as if making an international payment) the most common method. There are many other deposit options, including money transfers, pre-paid visa cards or even electronic currencies such as BitCoin.

Which is the Best Racebook Rebate? Comparing the Biggest Sites

In this section I compare the rebate systems of Bovada (formerly Bodog), BetOnline and 5Dimes. After the details and terms of each rebate you will find a couple of lines giving a general overview of the Racebook.

#1 – Racebook Rebates at

Bovada offer a weekly rebate system, which is paid every Tuesday at 1pm Eastern. You can get up to 5% returns on all exotics, which covers Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, Daily Double, Pick 3 or 4, Boxes and Wheels). Standard Win / Place / Show wagers only enjoy a 3% rebate. Bets must return more than $2.20c for every $2 wagered to count for a rebate.

About Bovada: This is a smaller percentage rebate than the other major sites, though you should keep in mind that Bovada offer more bonuses and promotions than the others to balance this. New bettors get a 50% matched Racebook bonus up to $250 max. Where Bovada are particularly strong is when the big events come up. They run regular promos / extras and prop bets for these.

You can see the latest promos and specials at

Bovada Sportsbook Bonus

#2 – Racebook Rebates at

Betting giant BetOnline are one of the biggest and longest running of the offshore Racebooks. You can bet with them online, where you will receive a daily 7% rebate on your Horse racing bets, or via telephone, where the percentage is 4%. The 4% also applies to NYRA tracks. Once again you need to be above $2.20c for each $2 wagered to count for the rebate.

About BetOnline: New bettors at the BetOnline Racebook get a $25 risk free bet (there are some wager through requirements which you can find on their websites). While the Racebook is impressive enough, BetOnline are huge, covering all of the different gambling verticals. I love the sportsbook (which comes with a 25% lifetime bonus on all deposits) in particular. Keep a close eye for special promos, which can be more generous than other books – especially when the big racing events come around.

You can check the biggest offshore betting site at

BetOnline Sportsbetting Bonus

#3 – Racebook Rebates at 5Dimes

This book is known for having the kind of lines that pro bettors look for – giving you extra value before the rebate system kicks in. This is generous, topping out at 9% (for exotics at major tracks), with regular Win / Place / Show bets topping out at 5%. This is also the most complex of the rebate schemes, with lots of different rates for different tracks, types of wager and amount bet (up to $500 is counted per bet). Your rebates will be paid daily.

5Dimes give you a choice of joining the rebates Racebook, or their 10% Extra Racebook. The extra is added to any wins. Both offers are very good… and the odds you’ll find at 5Dimes are usually the sharpest out there.

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Summing Up – Which Rebate is Best?

This depends on what kind of bettor you are. If you are frequent, higher value and looking for that extra vig to go along with your selections, then the lines and rebates at 5Dimes are hard to beat. Your only choice there is whether to bet in the rebate Racebook or the 10% extra book. See for yourself and check out the super-sharp lines.

For the more casual horse racing bettor, especially those who like to make the less exotic bets on the big events, then BetOnline has you covered. Remember that you’ll get 7% rebates there as opposed to 4% by making your bets online instead of via telephone. See for the latest horse racing promos and to claim your $25 no-lose bet!

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