How to Bet on Euro 2020 Soccer?

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Overall Tournament Bets, Groups, Individual Match Bets and More for Euro 2020 / 2021 Soccer

soccer betting for Euro 2020Euro 2021 (2020) is the biggest soccer tournament besides the World Cup. By picking the smartest betting opportunities – big profits are there for the taking. This guide covers betting on Euro 2020 (2021) at offshore sportsbooks welcoming US bettors.

The tournament was originally due to take place in the summer of 2020. With a certain worldwide pandemic (or maybe the response to it) getting in the way, it was postponed for a year.

This year’s Euro 2020 soccer tournament is unusual in that it takes place at venues across Europe. This is the first European Soccer Championship Finals not to take place within a single host nation. This page has everything you need to find profitable bets, Euro 2021 bonuses and information on some of the best props and live betting options.

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Euro 2020 Soccer Betting: Outright Tournament Winner

You can place a bet on the winner of the tournament before the action starts – or at any point during the tournament.

For example, world champions France and the host nation for the semi-finals and final, England, are leading the way at the top of the market. Both are generally available at odds of +500. This means that if you place a wager of $10 on either country, if they win the tournament, you win $50. You also get your $10 stake back.

If you prefer backing an outsider for the tournament, North Macedonia are widely available at odds of +50,000. If they did cause a massive upset and took the trophy home, you would have huge windfall, as well as bragging rights in your local sports bar!

Euro 2020 Betting Guide

Who Will Reach the Euro 2020 Finals?

Other similar outright tournament bets on Euro 2020 include wagering on a team to reach the final. In this case, England, are widely available at odds of +250.

You can also wager on a team to reach the semi-finals or the quarter finals. This is the equivalent of a ‘show’ in horse racing betting – the more ‘places’ you include, the smaller the odds offered by the sportsbooks. You can also pick two teams to meet in the finals (more like an exacta to continue the horse racing analogy). For example, if you think the 2021 final will be a repeat of Euro 2016 with France and Portugal in the final, you can back this eventuality at odds of +3,000.

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Euro 2020 Bets: Group Betting

The tournament features six groups of four teams (Groups A through to F). The top two from each group will qualify for the knockout stages, as well as the best four third place teams based on the standings.

You can place a wager on the outright winner of each group. The most competitive group for Euro 2020 (nicknamed the Group of Death) is Group F which features Germany, France, Portugal and Hungary. Germany and France are widely considered to be joint favorites for the group at odds of odds of around +120. Portugal can be backed at +300, while outsiders Hungary are at odds of +4,000.

As well as wagers to win the group, you can also place bets on teams to qualify from the group, the top two in the group in order, or even bets on which team will finish bottom of their group.

Live and Prop Betting for Euro 2021 Soccer Tournament

Match Betting at the Euro 2020 Soccer Championship

Throughout the tournament you can place a bet on each match. The most popular bets are listed below, though there are more when you consider parlays, live (in-play) betting and props:

  • Match Odds: This three-way wager offers odds on each of the two teams as well as the game ending in a draw after regular time is finished. In the knockout stages extra time will be played, with a penalty shootout if no winner is determined.
  • First Goal Scorer: Place a bet on which player you think will hit the back of the net first. Strikers will always offer the lowest odds, while if you think a defender might score first (maybe going up for a corner), you will receive much larger odds.
  • Both Teams to Score: One of the most popular bets in soccer today, this is a wager where you need both teams to hit the net to win. Watch the game and hope for end to end energy. Strategy for these bets can change depending on the stage of the tournament. For example, if two teams are safely though the group stages, a 0-0 draw may be more probable.
  • Correct Score: Place a wager on the exact score at the end of the game. For example, if you place a wager on Italy to beat Turkey 1-0 in the opening game, you will see odds of around +500. If you think the game will be a classic goal-fest and finish 3-3, the odds hugely increase to +10,000.
  • Half Time/Full Time: For this bet you have to predict the half time result (either team or the draw) and the full-time result (either team or the draw).
  • Other Wagers: There are a host of other bets you can place. Examples include teams to score at least 2, 3 or 4 goals, handicap betting (where the favored team is deducted goals), total goals in the game, the last goal scorer, a player to score at any time, half time correct score and many, many more.

Prop and Live Betting Options for the Euro 2020 Soccer Tournament

Soccer has an established range of prop bets ranging from corners to red cards. This range of bets covers many options for individual players too. You can bet on clean sheets, how long it will be before the first goal and many other options. This detailed page on Euro 2020 Prop Bets will have you covered.

Live betting lets you gamble while the games are underway. BetOnline and other sportsbooks use feeds to adjust their lines in real time. For example, and early goal would see the match win / loss / draw odds change. This format is hugely popular and is again covered in a separate article here at HTG. See my Live Betting at Euro 2020 page here.

Betting on Euro 2020: Bonuses Make a Big Difference

With smart money management, there is no need to place a single bet on the European Soccer Championships in 2021 without taking advantage of a bonus.

I’m using BetOnline as an example, though there are many other offers (see my Sports Betting Bonuses 2021 for more).

With the 50% welcome bonus, you can get a significant boost to your initial bankroll – and your bets on Euro 2020 can be used to clear the bonus funds. Add in a $25 free bet (refund if you lose type) the first time you bet on your mobile device, and the first time you use the live (in-play) betting, and you are off to a flying start.

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