How to Bet on Golf

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5 Popular Ways to Bet on Golf and Win!

Golf provides unique opportunities for sports bettors. The huge fields in a golf tournament can mean long odds for each player – even the favorites can give you big returns. Betting on the outright winner is just the tip of the iceberg. With round leaders, 2 or 3 balls, groups and match-up bets all available, savvy sports betting fans with discipline can bank big profits.

This guide covers profitable ways to bet on golf at the best offshore sportsbooks welcoming players from the US. The information applies to UK and EU based golf fans – though you’ll need to covert the lines into fractional odds. Golf works well with live (in-play) betting, which is covered at the end.

How to Bet on Golf at Offshore Sportsbooks

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How to Bet on Golf: Outright Tournament Winner

This is easily the most popular wager in golf, where you are simply aiming to pick out the winner of a tournament. Most golf tournaments will have a field of more than 100 players (regular PGA tour events will have a field of 156 players). This being the case, the odds available will be that much larger than any other sport. If you back an outsider, you can see some crazy prices – upwards of +100,000 in some cases.

Having placed your outright tournament winner wager, you’ve got the whole four days to follow your bet. There really is nothing like the feeling of seeing all of the twists and turns in a tournament and then see your chosen player lift the trophy at the end.

Top 5 / Top 10 (Place Bets)

You can also place wagers for players to finish in the top 5 or top 10 of the event. For horse racing betting fans, this is the golf betting equivalent of a place or show.

These can be useful wagers to place alongside your outright winner bet. If your chosen player finishes high on the leader board but doesn’t win, you can still show a profit.

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Live Betting on Tournament Winners

These bets are available in-play, so you can live bet on the outcome. The odds will be constantly updated throughout the four days, so if someone catches your eye, or if you have a feeling a player is about to make a charge, you can place an additional bet. These live outright bets are available from the early start on a Thursday morning all the way through to the 72nd hole and beyond.

Examples of how to profit in this context are as varied as your knowledge of the players and course. For example, if you see a tournament leader drop a couple of shots – and know that this player often crumbles under pressure, it could be the right time to back some rivals.

How to Bet on Golf: Individual Round Leaders

Some like their golf betting to be more instant and one great way of achieving this is to bet on the leader at the end of an individual round.

This bet is most popular before start of play on a Thursday, where you will be predicting the first-round leader. This can be an interesting bet, as most of a professional field have the ability to shoot a 63 or a 64 on a given day. Therefore, pretty much every player stands a chance, whereas over four days, the best players will usually rise to the top.

With some long lines on offer, there are opportunities to back players in form – especially those that are not widely known by the general public.

Popular Ways to Bet on Golf


Group Betting in Golf

Sportsbooks will define their own groups of players – giving you lines on who will prevail from their list.

Examples are markets for ‘Top US Player’, ‘Top European Player’ or ‘Top Masters Champion’.

You then get to make your pick from the selected players. You receive shorter odds than in the outright market, but it’s a good wager if you have an area of expertise with a given area. For example, you might have knowledge about up and coming players and want to place a wager in the ‘Top Rookie’ market at a Major championship. If you follow the European tours, then you will have information on who is in form when it comes to the majors, and so on.

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How to Bet on Golf: Tournament Match Ups

If you like bets with more certainty at lower odds, tournament match ups are a good way to get involved in the event.

The sportsbook will usually offer a series of head-to-head bets featuring two players who they see have similar chances of winning. This mean that both players will be offered at similar odds, or in many cases, the exact same odds of -115.

Having placed such a bet, your total focus is on just two players throughout the four days. On some occasions your chosen player will make the cut and the other won’t – your profit will be locked in.

Golf Bets: 3 Balls and 2 Balls

The fifth and final popular bet on a golf event is a bet on how players will fare against their playing partners. In many events, they will go out as 3 balls on a Thursday and Friday and then 2 balls after the cut on Friday evening.

This is another lower odds wager that will pay out more regularly. This can be a good wager on those headline three balls on the first two days that receive a lot of TV coverage – you might be able to watch virtually every shot. If you are attending a tournament, you can place this type of bet and literally follow the players around the course, cheering a little bit louder when your chosen player makes that long eagle putt.

Props and Live Betting on Golf

A Quick Note on Props:

Props are a popular way to bet on golf. They are so varied that I am saving them for a detailed future article. These can cover the stars, for example will Tiger Woods win a major in 2022? They cover the winning scores, hole in one bets and much more.

Live betting works brilliantly for golf tournaments. With play evolving slowly over the days, changing weather conditions and so many betting combinations, you can add bets at any point at the major offshore books. Odds update in real time. Live betting can be used to lock in a win, or to use your knowledge to spot an opportunity as play progresses.

Best Offshore Sportsbook for Golf Betting

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