Live Betting Guide to Euro 2020 Soccer

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How to Bet on Euro 2020 / 2021 Soccer Matches as They Happen

Live betting not only adds excitement – it is profitable for anyone with some sporting knowledge. You can take advantage of $50 in free bets (for props and in-play betting) at for the Euro 2020 soccer championship.

Euro 2020 (postponed until 2021) features 52 matches taking place over the month-long festival of soccer. You can bet on pre-match lines, futures, props, and group wagers. This page covers live betting, covering how it works, what bets you can make and how to take the best advantage of promotions from offshore bookmakers.

In Play / Live Betting for Euro 2020 Soccer

Euro 2020 Soccer: What is Live Betting?

For many years, the only betting opportunities you would have was pre-game. Markets including match odds, correct score and first goal scorer led the way. The moment the game kicked off, your betting was over.

Today that has all changed. Futures and pre-match betting is still the go-to for sports fans – with the ability to continue to bet when the matches are underway a welcome addition. Some sportsbooks call this live betting, others call it in-play betting. I use both terms here at HTG.  

Live betting is made possible by feeds which update the odds / lines in real time. You will quickly realise that live betting odds and lines move far quicker than the pre-game markets (which are static unless there is a rush of money for a selection).

As you will see below, most of the popular single match bets are available in-play. If one team in a Euro 2020 match goes a goal up, the win / lose / draw odds will instantly update. If a key player is injured, or simply not playing at their best – you might find the odds adjusting to reflect this.

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Mobile Live Betting

When placing a live bet at a leading sportsbook like BetOnline, you should not hang around too long. The price movements are quick. If you do take 30 seconds or a minute to decide on placing a bet, the price might be long gone by the time you submit it. This makes in-play betting on soccer ideal for mobiles / iPhones. You can bet from your couch, a sports bar or (travel restrictions permitting) from the stadium.

Live betting has its advantages, as you can really get a feel for the game and how you think it will go, simply by watching the action. This tells you much more than the pre-game team sheet will. Live betting also allows you to lock in profits or cut your losses if a game is going well – or bail quickly when things go against you.  

Popular Live Betting Markets for the Euro 2020 Soccer Tournament

Match Odds: This is the most popular betting market. It includes win odds for both teams and the draw. For example, the opening game of the tournament features Italy playing Turkey. Pre-game, Italy are the hot favourites at odds of -170, with Turkey available at odds of +570 and the draw at +270.

Once the game kicks off, these odds will change rapidly in the live markets.

If there is an early goal for either of the teams, the odds on that team will shrink dramatically. Because of the relative scarcity of goals in soccer compared to other sports, a single goal will have a huge impact on the market.

For example, in the game above, if Italy were to score early, their odds might shrink to -500. If at half-time, the score is still 0-0, then you will usually find that the odds on the favored team will have lengthened, while the odds on the draw will have shortened. Other events such as a player being sent off can mix this up.

Euro 2020 Betting Guide

Additional Live Betting Soccer Bets

Next Team to Score:

This is always a popular live betting market which is guaranteed to offer excitement during the match. This live bet is offered throughout the game, with odds offered on both teams, as well as the ‘No More Goals’ option. The nearer to 90 minutes you are, the longer odds you receive on each team and the lower odds you see for no more goals.

Total Match Goals:

This is an over/under market, where the sportsbook will set a line and you simply bet under or over that number. The line will move based on the current situation of the match throughout the 90 minutes.

Next Goal Scorer:

With star names such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann taking part in the tournament, player-based bets are always going to be popular. Next goal scorer wagers are the most popular of all, allowing you to invest money in your favourite players.

Strikers are always offered at the lowest odds, with defenders at much longer odds. Smart money can be on the penalty takers for either side, or those defenders that can tower above others at corners to nod in the next goal.

To Win Second Half:

If you’re late to the game but want to get involved with a wager, the team to win the second half is a popular option. Reset the scores to 0-0 in your mind at half time (whatever the score) and then place a bet on either side or the draw. The odds on this market will be relatively static until half-time, but when live at the kick off of the second half, they’ll move around quickly.


How to Get Your Free In-Play Bet at BetOnline?

BetOnline welcome both US and international players, they have been around since before the internet (as a telephone bookie) and have a trusted track record stretching more than 20 years.

To unlock $50 in free (no-lose) bets, you need to make a deposit of $55 or more. You get a 50% match, $25 prop bet, $25 live bet and unlock 25% reloads for live. If you use cryptos like Bitcoin for your deposit, you get even bigger bonuses.

Your free bets are no-lose wagers on your first bets – you will need to use the refunded money for betting. If you win, then your bankroll is off to the best possible start!

Check out the Euro 2020 soccer promotions, and grab your free live bet over at now!

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