MLB Live Betting Guide

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How to Bet Live (in-play) on Major League Baseball Games

The sheer volume of games played through the MLB season gives any smart baseball bettor multiple opportunities to make it pay. This game is unique in that anyone with some knowledge will have a big edge over people who bet their hunches / home teams.

With live / in-play betting now available on most MLB baseball games - the opportunities to make a profit have grown. Instead of placing your wagers pre-game, you can get involved at any time. You get to react to exactly what is happening on the field in real time.

Live Betting on MLB Matches

This page covers the bets you can place in-play, and some strategies with the potential for big profits.


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Live Betting on MLB: Types of Bets

The bets you can place during a live baseball game match those offered pre-game. In baseball there are three key wagers that can be placed both pre-game and live:

Moneyline: Here you simply bet on which team will win, at odds determined by the sportsbooks. Pre-game, this market will usually remain at fixed odds (unless there is a run of money for one team). When live betting, the odds will constantly change, reflecting the current situation on the field. The odds are reflected by the current score-line, the players on bases, the number of outs, innings left to play and more.

Run Line: This popular Baseball bet sees the favored team is deducted 1.5 runs, to make the contest more even. When betting the run-line live, you can see the run line flip completely if the underdog has the advantage. This bet will swing significantly if the underdog gets an early score. If you have the nerve, it can be very profitable.

MLB Totals: This is a wager where you are predicting whether the total number of runs is over or under a given number. Once again, this can be relatively static before the game. However, in play, the totals line will move up or down based on whether it’s a high scoring contest or not.

Alternative Markets for MBL Live Betting

As well as these traditional wagers, you can also find a series of other markets. One popular bet is a head to head between the two teams on a particular inning. For example, you could wager that the Yankees will score more runs in their seventh inning than the Bluejays will. This is a 3-way wager, as there is always a good possibility that the teams will score the same number of runs (the 0-0 tie happens a lot).

Other wagers include betting on the leading team at the end of a given inning, as well as similar totals and run-lines. During the biggest games of the season, including the World Series, you will also find player props based on individual’s performance as live betting options.

Baseball Betting In Play Tips

Overview: How Live Betting Works for Baseball

Live betting will kick in the moment the first pitch of the game is thrown (actual pitch, not the ceremonial one!). To access the live betting options you can either go the ‘live betting’ page at your favored site, or you will in some cases find the live betting right there on the main page.

The main difference between live betting and pre-game betting is the speed. Pre-game you can take your time placing bets, as the lines are relatively set. However, in-play, the odds and lines can move quickly, reacting to the action. Therefore, don’t take a couple of minutes deciding your stake, as the odds/line will probably have moved, and you will miss out. You will have a bit more time if you place your wagers between innings.

Live betting works via your mobile phone (iPhone or Android Smartphone). This means you can place bets while you watch the action at home, in your local sports bar or even at the stadium.

You can bet live on matches which you already placed pre-game wagers on. This can be an effective way to lock in profits, or to push your bets when you are ahead.

MLB Live Betting Strategy Tips

While nothing beats thorough research, there are several approaches to live betting on MLB that can give your profits a boost. Here are the strategies you can use when you next bet in-play on Baseball:

  • Keep an eye on starting pitchers pitch counts. Even if a pitcher is not giving up any runs, a high count will see him withdrawn early, which could change the dynamic of a game.
  • Know how good the relative bullpens are. Pre-game, a lot of the focus is on those starting pitchers. With live betting, a good feel for those replacements will stand you in good stead.
  • Aim to get into the head of the coaches. In a tight game for example, those 1 run innings become all important. Tactically, the coaches won’t be looking at a blowout inning, as bunting will come into play. Use this knowledge when betting totals.
  • Is one batter on fire today? When he’s next up, especially when leading off, it can be an idea to get onside with his team. If he does get on base, it could be the start of something good.
  • Keep an eye on the weather. If it is hot and humid, the ball will fly further. If it is windy, it can be difficult for those outfielders. Add the weather factor into your calculations.

Taking Advantage of Live Betting Bonuses

Magnifying GlassLive betting on baseball is a great way to take advantage of bonuses offered by the offshore sportsbooks to attract new bettors. There are several types of bonus to watch for. Keep in mind that those welcome bonuses are quick to expire – it is the ongoing rewards which make the biggest difference to your bankroll over time.

  • Matched Bonuses: Welcome offers are often 100%+ matched to your deposit, you need to bet them a fixed number of times, with MLB bets counted fully.
  • Rebate Bonuses: The $25 live betting offer from BetOnline is a great example of a refund bet. This comes in addition to the matched welcome bonus. If your first live bet loses, you get a rebate up to $25, which comes in the form of a new bet.
  • Reload Bonuses: BetOnline sportsbook has a perpetual 25% reload bonus on every deposit you make for the lifetime of your account.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Many sportsbooks have loyalty schemes. You collect points as you bet, which can be exchanged for bets, merchandise or spins on slots.
  • Promotions: Too many to list here, though when the World Series or Playoffs roll around, you will want to make sure that your book has a range of promotions waiting for you.

Live Betting in MLB – Summing Up / Next Steps

The addition of live betting in baseball has opened up a whole new set of betting possibilities. Whether at the game or watching on TV at home or in a bar, you can place bets based on how the action is unfolding on the field.

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