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Sport Betting - Introduction

Gamble Online With The Best Sports Betting Websites And Apps

The internet freed betting from smoky sportsbooks – enabling gamblers everywhere to find the best lines on their favorite sports. As technology improves, so do the options and innovations available for sports betting fans. Not only can you bet outright on an event, there is in-play betting, exchanges where you back or lay a result and the number of events it is possible to bet on has grown exponentially too.

This page outlines the main platforms available to sports betting fans, then goes through the different options that today’s high tech gambling world has made possible. You will find links to the best sports books, reviews and ‘how to’ guidelines for different sports and experience levels right here.

First the platforms available for sports betting fans, along with the key features of each one.

#1 – Betting Websites: This is still the main category, and the place you can find the biggest choice and most options. The best option really depends on your location, with brands like Bovada and Pinnacle focusing on American sports, while Ladbrokes and 888 have you covered for the worldwide events. Each website does things slightly differently, and there is a massive choice – so make sure that you read my reviews of the best betting websites before you decide which is the best for you.

#2 – Sports Betting Apps: Here is where technology is really making betting exciting. These are not just replicas of the websites, you now have the opportunity to bet during the game or to be the first to grab the best odds as betting opens without having to sit in front of your computer all day long. My reviews of the best of the betting apps are a must see – and will open up a whole new world of high technology gambling for you.

#3 – Betting Exchange Platforms: These allow you to take either side of the bet. By matching up thousands of gamblers, you can lay odds (be the bookmaker) or bet yourself – as long as a price is available. Exchanges open up a new dimension in betting, and can even be used to ‘hedge’ a big bet – or to get the most out of your ‘sure thing’. If you are new to this area then this Betting Exchange Intro will get you started. 

#4 – Spread Betting Sites: Now we get into the advanced category of betting (or investing, as you might prefer to call it!). Spread betting is often used in finance, buying and selling points on currencies, indexes, shares or commodities. Cricket is great for spread betting, and other sports are finding their way into this niche too. (need to change this, as the spread is a US term)

#5 – Combination Betting / Casino / Poker Sites:  A common trend is to combine all forms of gambling entertainment into one portal. Some of the bigger brands let you use a single virtual wallet to for all the disciplines, while others offer them all, but require transfers between the different areas.

Gambling On Sports – Some Of The Detailed Guides Here At High Tech Gambling

The best platform and most profitable bet will largely depend on the sport or sports you follow. I have created some ‘ultimate guides’ which cover sports individually, and will be updating these as technology and innovation make new betting processes possible.

Here is a summary of some of the more popular sports, and a flavor of the gambling possibilities with each one.

#1 Football (Soccer): This is the number one draw for many online betting fans and the choice of wagers is massive. You can bet on everything from the win / lose / draw outcome, to the number of goals, corners or even yellow cards. Combinations are popular and markets for big matches are very liquid – giving you opportunities at the betting exchanges.

#1 Football (US): join number one, Football is also the biggest draw for US gamblers, with point spreads, money lines and over / unders being the most popular bets. This game is prefect for in-play betting, teasers and parlays – make sure you know which are the most profitable combinations in my Ultimate Guide To Football Betting.

#2 Horse Racing: From Cheltnam to the Kentucky Derby, From the Melbourne cup to the Prix du Arc de Triomf (spell check, ahah)… Horse racing is a global sport, and one where you can have a real edge with some smart reading of form and shopping for the right odds. My complete guide to Horse race betting online covers all you need to know based on your country of residence.

#3 Cricket: The world’s second most popular sport (after Soccer) has a huge following in India, England, Australia and other countries. There are multiple formats of the game, and internationals as well as domestic leagues. The setup of this sport is brilliant for bets, with simple win / lose through to some very complex points (run) betting combinations. Make sure you grab yourself a slice of the Cricket betting pie with my detailed guide to betting all-things cricket.

#4 Baseball: Whether you bet the moneylines, totals, or runlines, making sure that your bookmaker offers the coveted dimelines is key to long term profits. If your book offers 20c spreads then it is time to ditch them and bet with the experts. My Ultimate Baseball Betting Guide has all you need to know, from straight up moneylines through to parlay systems.

#5 Hockey: The NHL is the big one here, with straight up moneylines, puck (+1.5) lines, totals, parlays and outrights all available. You’ll find prop bets too and a game format which makes in-play betting an entertaining (as well as profitable) experience. You do not need to be Canadian to benefit from my Ultimate Guide To Hockey Betting.

#6 Basketball: Another great sport for pitting your experience against the handicappers and finding profitable lines. If you do not want to bet sides, then moneyline and totals are available – with plenty of opportunity for profitable parlays and teasers to go for that big win. If you love to bet on the hoops, make sure you do so profitably with my Basketball Betting Guide.

#7 Golf: A huge sport worldwide, with events going on around the world every week. You get big odds on individual players, and can join the action at any time – for example by waiting for the post-cut leaders to emerge. Don’t forget the big events like the Masters and Ryder Cup, where you will have plenty of opportunity for some entertaining prop bets. My ultimate Golf Betting Guide tells you all you need to know.

#8 Tennis: Another truly international sport. While the Majors get the press coverage, these are only the tip of the iceberg – with tournaments happening throughout the year. Don’t ‘serve’ yourself a bet before you read my complete tennis betting guide – which contains unique information relevant to your country of origin.

#9 Motor Racing: Here I include Formula 1, Nascar and many niches like Moto GP, Rally Driving and more. Outright wins, places, constructors championships and many more bets are available for fans of motorized sports – check out my guides for more.

#10 Entertainment And Specials: Nowadays it is not just sport you can bet on, with politics, TV shows and awards like the Oscars just a few opportunities to gamble on fun events. This section is again geo-targeted to cover the different TV shows and events in your country.

Betting Online On Sporting Events – Taking Advantage Of Bonuses And Incentives

To be continued!


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