The Ultimate Guide to Casino Deposit Methods

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Safely and Quickly Deposit at Online Casinos with this Complete Payment Methods Guide

Depositing at online casinos 2022This is a message I have repeated throughout this site: If you stick with the biggest and best known brands (those with 5+ years track record especially) – online casinos have never been safer or more reliable than they are as we go into 2022.

Of course, that fact only helps if you know the safest and fastest methods of making a deposit and withdrawing your winnings afterwards.

This page has all the information you need – plus plenty of links to detailed pieces on specifics on different methods, casinos and benefits.

Here is what you’ll find:

  • First I have focused on US based readers (as there are more restrictions for you). You’ll find the key deposit options, what to do if your credit card is declined + how to safely withdraw.
  • After that the deposit methods for Worldwide players are covered. This list includes eWallets and other value-added options.
  • Further down the page I turn to withdrawals, again the first focus is on the US, then the rest of the world.
  • Finally, some general notes on safety and other frequently asked questions.

Dollar Casino DepositsCasino Deposit Methods for US Players

Before you go any further, break out your credit card.

Yes, your regular Visa, MasterCard or even AMEX card will work for making a casino deposit most of the time.

The only caveat is that your card will need to be able to make purchases internationally. Most can do this, though if you are unsure then your bank will be able to tell you (and enable this if you do not currently have it).

Credit card casino deposits will work most of the time.

When they do this is as fast and as easy as making any other online purchase.

Of course, this does depend on the casino you are using and their expertise in getting payments through the complex payment gateways which make up the credit card networks.

It is no coincidence that the biggest and best casinos are also the best when it comes to organizing deposits. Think about that, their business can’t thrive without this. The consistent top of the pile is, who are part of the worldwide Bodog family of sites.

For me, one US friendly casino stands head and shoulders over the rest. is part of the popular ‘Bodog’ family, and offers mobile and desktop casino games and slots from 3 of the leading software houses in one place.

Their promos are legendary and with more than 10 years of great service and fast cashouts behind them, you’ll know that this is a brand you can trust.

Check out the games and latest deals at for yourself now!

For me, one casino stands head and shoulders over the rest. 888 Casino has been around for more almost 20 years, and offers truly multi-platform gaming. They have slots and games from many software houses – and some unique games of their own too (I recommend you check out Millionaire Genie and it’s huge progressive jackpot!).

888 always have new player promotions running and are so confident you’ll enjoy their games that they will give new players $88 free (no deposit or card info needed) to try them out.

Find out for yourself why 888 is still the number #1 online casino after all these years at

Here are some links to detailed articles covering each type of credit card… below that is a 101 on what to do if your card does get declined.

US Casino Deposits – What to do if you Card Gets Declined

Declined casino deposits next stepsThis is simple, you either pick up the phone or bring up the ‘live chat’ at your casino.

Instead of wondering what option to take, you should speak to someone who helps people just like you to make deposits and withdrawals every day.

No reputable casino will decline to assist you.

In fact you’ll find many of these agents extremely knowledgeable and friendly too…

How they assist will depend on the casino, and what methods are working at the moment. My experience with US players suggests that the advice boils down to this:

  • First, they will look at your card transaction. Sometimes alternative payment gateways can be used, and you might need to try again (sometimes the next day, other times right away)
  • Second, they will tell you about the alternatives… these include pre-paid cards (sometimes gift vouchers too), money transfer services, wire transfers or BitCoin.

Here is an overview of those alternatives – along with links to more detailed articles.

#1 Prepaid Credit Cards: These are the type of cards that you buy from 7/11 type stores or even gas stations. The brands might change over time, though the concept is the same – you hand over cash + a processing fee and get a Visa (usually) branded card loaded to that amount. You then use this just like any other credit card.

Advice: Talk to your casino first, you need to know which brands are working.

#2 Money Transfer Services: This includes the big networks like Western Union. They will not allow you to transfer direct to the casinos. Instead you need to transfer to an individual, details will be provided by the casino (along with tracking info). Now, sending $500 to a stranger in the Caribbean might seem risky! This is one of the most reliable methods around, and can see your money on board in a couple of hours. The usual thinking applies… with a reputable and long-running casino, you really can’t go wrong.

The downside of this option is that you will need to visit the branch office in person. On the plus side, you can also use money transfer companies for withdrawals.

#3 Wires: International wire transfers are not always available, and make little sense for smaller amounts due to the relatively high charges. If you want to deposit a larger amount (few thousand as a starting point) then speak to your casino about wires.

#4 BitCoin: In 2022 this is no longer a niche method for techies only, anyone can set up a BitCoin wallet. The process is simple, you open a wallet, deposit into it from your bank (or get someone you know to send you some BitCoin) and you are good to go. When you deposit at a casino this will be instantly turned into Dollars at that moment’s exchange rate.

Bitcoin deposit methods at online casinos

Note: There are casinos which operate only in BitCoin, these days more and more mainstream casinos are allowing these transactions too.

For me, it is difficult to look beyond Bovada when it comes to easy deposits (and big promos / bonuses to match). Check out the latest deals at now!

Worldwide Casino Deposit Options

Outside of the US things get a lot easier. Canadians do have some restrictions (banks with US branches worried about compliance are to blame).

Effectively, you can deposit at an online casino as quickly and easily as you make any online purchase. What this part of the ultimate payment methods guide covers are some ‘value added’ methods which can help with the following:

  1. Keeping casino transactions off of your bank statements (plenty of reasons you might see this as a benefit)
  2. Extra peace of mind that comes from having an extra step between your bank and the online casinos. Even if this is no strictly needed in 2018, a lot of people (myself included) do appreciate it.

I’m talking about eWallets.

This is a class of payment services which includes PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and many more. They are wallets which act like mini online bank accounts. You can send and receive money, use a debit card against them and shift money around very quickly (none of the 3 day wires like the old style banks used).

Best eWallet Casino Deposits

Skrill CardHere are my preferred eWallets for 2022:

  1. PayPal: Not only is this the most popular brand of eWallet (and pioneer of the genre), it is a quality signal that an individual casino accept this. The reason is that PayPal are very strict when it comes to which casinos they allow… only the biggest and best trusted make the grade. Think global brands like 888 Casino and Unibet and you are along the right lines. It could not be easier to load up your PayPal account from your bank and make instant deposits from there. You can withdraw into PayPal too.
  2. Skrill: This system has been around for many years and was previously called MoneyBookers. While not as popular as PayPal among the general population, Skrill is accepted by almost all online casinos – and is popular among players thanks to low fees. You can get a MasterCard with your account, so you can withdraw your winnings into the system – and then spend them directly from there.
  3. Neteller: This used to be the most popular US eWallet, though was forced to withdraw due to the post 2006 banking restrictions. Neteller is still very popular outside of the US, and has great coverage among reputable gambling sites. Once again you can get a card to spend directly from your account.

Another Advantage of eWallet Systems

What I like about these in addition to keeping my casino transactions and bank completely separate, is the speed and flexibility.

If there is a promo or special offer at one of my favorite casinos, I have part of my bankroll waiting in Skrill or PayPal and can instantly take advantage. No needing to check my bank account, or make a withdrawal from another casino first.

Worldwide Casino Deposit Options

Alternative Casino Deposit Methods for Worldwide Players

There are local eWallet systems, pre-paid credit cards and local bank transfer options available in many countries.

Here is a list of some of the interesting ones which are covered here at High Tech Gambling.

Withdrawing from Online Casinos

First some general advice, after which I have focused on the main withdrawal methods for US Players.

The key factor about making withdrawals is to check the costs and minimum cash outs before you even deposit.

Most casinos offer their withdrawals for free. Worldwide most casinos do this, for the US casinos look out for those which allow you 1 free withdrawal each month or have low fees.

Those fees or minimums can effectively trap a small bankroll online if you are not careful.

For example, a relatively unknown casino might specify a $100 minimum for a check with a $30 fee. Wires or transfers through money transfer services often have bigger fees.

Worldwide players can withdraw to their bank card, an eWallet or a wire direct to their bank. Minimums are low, and processing should be easy.

Expect an ID Check: The more reputable a casino, the more likely they will request back-up documents before you can withdraw. Of course, this should match your initial account info (make sure you put the right info in at the start). I see this as a positive, since legitimate players are protected from fraud. Some people do get annoyed by these checks – prepare for it before you deposit, and it will not come as a surprise.

Casino Withdrawals for US Players

The choices are limited. With the paper check the most popular method by a long way.

Many casinos will courier these to your door.

The better casinos (BetOnline, Bovada) will send you a completely free paper check once per month – though will charge a processing fee if you require any more.

Banks accept these without any problem. You’ll need to wait for the check to clear into your bank account.

Wire Transfers may be possible for larger amounts, though the fees (both bank fees and any transaction fees your casino adds) make this prohibitive for smaller withdrawals. Money transfer via Western Union or similar services is also possible at many casinos. Again you will be transacting with an individual and not the casino itself. There are fees associated with this which again make it unsuitable for the smallest amounts.

Finally, BitCoin withdrawals are becoming more popular – though not at all the casinos just yet, I expect coverage to improve as we go through 2018.

Casino Deposits Ultimate Guide – Staying Safe

credit card gambling depositsI have a lot of articles covering safety at online casinos. They look at things like the fairness of the deal (or spin!), whether casino gambling is legal (it is) and how to tell the legitimate casinos from the bad apples.

The message through all of these is the same:

Big brands, with 5+ years of good service are extremely safe places to play in 2022.

For those who want that extra peace of mind which comes from doing their own checks, here are some of the key things I look for when assessing any casino.

  1. The Ownership: Is this a listed company? A long running reputable group (for example the Bodog family of sites which includes Bovada)? Or is this casino owned by opaque shell companies in jurisdictions with little oversight?
  2. Licensing: This is always a must-have, with no exceptions. Licenses are issued by a number of gaming jurisdictions in Europe, the Caribbean and elsewhere. I never play at a casino without a license (or testing, see below).
  3. External RNG Testing: The ‘Random Number Generator’ controls the deal / spin. Legitimate casinos have their game fairness certified, and are happy to link out to the results.
  4. Payment Methods: Visa and PayPal are two I like to see (Worldwide). A casino with only 1 or 2 obscure payment options should be raising red flags.
  5. No Scandals: Checking online will bring up whiners and idiots who lost their money and are venting about it… ignore this. What you should not ignore is talk of delayed payments or shady owners.

Here are some more articles on staying safe at online casinos:

The Best Casinos for Deposits in 2022

The table below shows 3 casinos with broad coverage of payment methods, solid and trusted reputations and fantastic player bonus offers for your geo. You can deposit at these casinos with peace of mind.

32Red Casino
  • Hugely Popular MicroGaming Casino Brand
  • £32 in Bonuses for every £20 Deposited
  • Mega Moolah, ThunderStruck 2 and many more Slot Games
Play NowReview
888 Casino
  • Multi-Platform: Browsers, Apps and Downloads
  • Unique Games and Unique (Must-see) Jackpot Slots
  • Free Play Bonuses + Regular Promotions
Play NowReview
Unibet Casino
  • Huge Game Selection from Leading Software Houses
  • Big Brand Site, Always Have Things Happening
  • Unrivalled Selection of Slot Jackpots
Play NowReview
BetOnline Casino
  • Big Brand with Live Dealers, Virtual Casino + Sports
  • Extra Bonuses with Every Deposit
  • Solid Range of Table Games + Slots
Play Now
Bovada Casino
  • RealTime Gaming, Rival and BetSoft Games
  • Trusted Brand, Part of the Bodog Family
  • Huge List of Promos (Check the Website for the Latest!)
Play NowReview
Intertops Casino
  • Offer Two Separate Casino Sites
  • RealTime Gaming Software Powered Casino
  • 5 x Deposit Bonuses
Play NowReview

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